Monday, 4 February 2013

Healing Tools 1: Music and Poetry

After using numbness as shield to protect my feelings from deep pain for so long and now realising how hard it is to sit with your feelings and let yourself feel what you are actually feeling; of lately, I have been surprised to discover that there is a plus side to removing the shield: I get to feel the healing effects of beautiful words and music. Whereas before I would hear a song or a poem and I would think: "oh, that's beautiful" now I don't think it, I feel it. There is light at the end of this tunnel...
This is one of my favourite poems/songs at the moment. 

Us Against the World
Oh morning come bursting the clouds, Amen.
Lift off this blindfold, let me see again.
And bring back the water, let your ships roll in, in my heart, she left a hole.

The tightrope that I'm walking just sways and ties.
The devil, as he's talking, with those angel's eyes.
And I just wanna be there when the lightning strikes.
And the saints go marching in

And sing slow it down,
Through chaos as it swirls,
It's us against the world.

Like a river to a raindrop,
I lost a friend.
My drunken has a Daniel in a lion's den.
And tonight I know it all has to begin again,
So whatever you do,
Don't let go.

And if we could float away,
Fly up to the surface and just start again.
And lift off before trouble just erodes us in the rain
Just erodes us in the rain
Just erodes us and see roses in the rain

Sing slow it down
Slow it down

Through chaos as it swirls,
It's us against the world.
Through chaos as it swirls,
It's us against the world


  1. This is just beautiful. Slow it down. See the rose. Love this.

    1. Thanks CS, I'm planning to spend more time this year learning about poetry. Do you have any favourites you'd like to recommend? xx

    2. I have always loved the poetry of Louise Gluck; Gerard Manley Hopkins; and Rilke.

    3. I've heard of Rilke but not of the other two. I will check them out, thanks :)

  2. Music has been a big part of my recovery (poetry, not so much, but I would like to get into it more, as well). I can see why this song holds so much meaning for you. The lyrics are beautiful.

    One song that I find beyond perfect is the Grateful Dead's Ripple. I am not a huge fan of this band but this song makes me want to burst every time I hear it.

    Anyway, thx for sharing.



    1. Hi Kitty,
      I've just checked the song and loved it too. Thanks for sharing it. I particularly liked this part:

      "There is a road, no simple highway,
      Between the dawn and the dark of night,
      And if you go no one may follow,
      That path is for your steps alone."


    2. I tried to post the video on BNK but couldn't figure out how to do it. The lyrics are beautiful, but they're even better with the music. I love the part about the fountain that "was not made by the hands of men" and the part that says "If I knew the way, I could take you home."

      So glad you liked it.

    3. Yes, the music was lovely too. I do love the old style of folk song. Irish pub music and all that.