Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Bore or a Narcissist?

There is a page on FB called "The Fat Englishman" that I really like. It's mainly about food but every now and then he'll post an interest quote. Today he posted this: 

to which he added the caption: 
"and such is the sort of person one should never dine with"
I thoroughly agree.


  1. I think, while a bore provides you with nothing, a narc actually TAKES from you too.

  2. That's AWESOME! hahaha! It reminds me of this idea: "you're never as alone as you are with a narcissist."

  3. Love both Jessie and CZBZ's additions. :-)

  4. Unfortunately, sometimes narcissists can be enchanting at first. But later, after you've heard their stories a gazillion times, they become bores. And I agree with Jessie that being in a relationship with one drains you.

  5. Love this quote. And since I love food too I'm going to "like" The Fat Englishman on my FB. Thanks for letting us know about him.