Sunday, 22 September 2013

Those Who Dish It Out...

         On the day I met El Zorro, he said to us:  "When I was in my mid-thirties I started to tell the truth whether people liked or not, and it made me feel a lot better." We commended him for this, and agreed that this was the best policy. It wouldn't take us long to realise that he likes to tell the truth to others, but to have the truth told to him? Nah, no so much... 
          One morning after breakfast he was trying to wind me up about something (I can't remember what it was now. I'm really going to have to start taking daily notes on the things that happen...) Anyway, not only I'm not picking up his bait but I shrug my shoulders as if to say: "Whateva...". He then looks at me, not looking very happy, and says: "This dismissive gesture... I didn't like it at all". I smiled and said: "well, you did say you always wanted the truth, didn't you?" 
          It seems to me that a lot of people who make a big song and dance about truth, when it comes to the truth about themselves, well, that's entirely another story, and not one they're particularly keen to hear...

On another note, the weekend after this happened, my friend calls me and says: "Guess what? Don Diego has a new girlfriend!" Well, that's interesting, for someone who made such a noise about telling the truth, he didn't mention this "interest" of his, not once for the whole weekend. I said to my friend: "what? an instant girlfriend?  just add water...?  ;)"


  1. LOL! Good for you!

    Yes, they don't want to hear the truth about them. Something else I noticed is that they spout opinion as if it were truth. Somewhere along the way they did not learn that opinion and truth are not one in the same thing.

    1. El Zorro sounds awfully presumptuous, don't you think? If he's expressing some "opinion" trying to wind you up, and you shrug it off, who is he to tell you he "doesn't like the dismissive gesture"? Really, this guy is a gem.

      I wonder if he's lying about the 'instant girlfriend"?

    2. "opinion and truth are not the same thing", very true Judy, I did make a point to say to him -about a lot of his statements- that they were just his opinion ;)

      CS, the guy was a real gem, I really wish I had taken notes because he provided so much material... ;)
      My friend didn't hear about the girlfriend through him, but through a friend of his. I think it's true, because he mentioned having been in the town where the girl is from, the weekend before he met up with us. My theory is that he was doing a "recce" of the territory and seeing what chances he had with my friend and on realising that there was no chance, he went for the other girl.

  2. Scoping the scene out before he made a commitment, huh? Creep.

    Yes, I think you are spot on that the people who want to SPEAK the truth, don't actually want to hear it. And even then, as Judy says, their idea of "truth" is questionable.
    Good post.

    1. Thanks Jess. Creep indeed ;) I'll be interested to know how long this "instant" girlfriend lasts. Watch this space...

  3. LOL! He did provide a lot of material; he is fascinating to observe. After all, it isn't really possible to have a true interaction with people who behave like this. xxoo TR